January 23, 2015

Friday Randomness

It's been forever since we had one of these. So much so that I had to look through the archives only to discover that it was almost a year ago!!! EGADS!!! Have I been remissed or have I been remissed?!!

Well, stitching on FoF has progressed some. I now have a little monster. :D

For today's Randomness, I leave you with some cool .gifs that I've been collecting from hubby and friends over the last few months....

ETA: to answer the questions of "why is someone shooting at a panda?", hubby's theory is that China uses them for their reenactment of the storming of the beaches at Normandy. LOL!! But, in all seriousness, the shots were digitally added to the video of this panda performing what I presume is his king fu routine. LOL!!

January 19, 2015

Jan 2015 IHSW Report

Our IHSW 2015 is off to an awesome start!!!! 60 blogs to visit! I can't wait to see all the pretties. :D

Believe it or not, I have an update myself. Wow!!! I haven't done one of these in so long I'm not sure I know how to go about it. Ok, let's see...

*peers through the cobwebs, brushes them aside*

I think I'm supposed to write something and post some pictures, right? LOL!

*flexes fingers*

Lately, I've been feeling the urges to stitch again. Thank goodness for that! D3's claws have abetted quite a bit and since I was feeling lacksey-daisical about it yesterday, I did all the prep work and started work on the "Field of Fucks" project for my friend, Piffle. Whoop, whoop!!! Haven't done much on it but it's a start. I'm hoping to get this done, hmm, inside of two weeks. Possible? We shall see. ^.^

January 13, 2015

January 2015 IHSW

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!!! Hope your year is off to a swinging start! :D

Here's to our very first IHSW of the year and the hopes that we'll get lots of stitching in this year. (She says with trepidation knowing that she'll be playing more Diablo 3... )

What will you be stitching this weekend? Me... I'm of a mind to take Serengeti off the scroll frame and put in the Fields project. With it being so much smaller, it might actually be what I need to jump start my mojo...

December 18, 2014

IHSW December 2014

This is IHSW, right?? I went back and counted and... YES, it is!!! :D Though, with it being the weekend before Christmas, I'm not sure if the need to hermit will be at an all-time high or a no-time at all! ;)

So sorry about miscounting last month! I fully intended to have two IHSW as Jo requested but, as always, time ran away from me.

IHSW for 2015 is ON!!!!!!! I shall endeavor to be more involved than I have been this year. I have even gone as far as plan out things I'd want to stitch–a big step seeing as how I haven't touched needle nor thread in quite a few months.

Here's to our final IHSW of this year!!! I did a quick image search for something that would spur us on, and well, CHOOSE YOUR POISON! :D Of course, there is no rule to say you can't have both... ;)

November 12, 2014

November (& October) IHSW

Hiya, stitchy darlings!!! I'm still alive (YAY!!), work is still crazy (BOO!), there is still not enough time (BOO!), I'm still not stitching (BOO!), dad's doing well (YAY!)...

My stitching mojo is completely gone. I dunno where it is and I'm too tired to even go looking for it. Have any of you seen it, by chance? When I get it back, I told a friend I'd do a quick side project for him. He'd mentioned one day that he'd like to give it to his wife. Said project?

Hopefully, I'll be able to get to it soon. I still have to chart it out and pick out the floss colors.

At least I didn't forget about this month's IHSW. :D I'm not sure if I'm getting any stitching done though as it's hubby's birthday weekend. Also, on the subject of IHSW, are y'all still interested in carrying it forward into next year?

September 16, 2014

IHSW Sept 2014 & A Quick Update

Three more months and we'll have Christmas upon us! Where did this year go? How is Fall (on Stateside) treating you guys?

I haven't done much stitching over the last month. Hubby and I went home to Malaysia for about two weeks. We found out about a month ago that my dad had a brain tumor that metastasized from his prostate cancer. He was having problems with movement on his left side and after a few tests, the ER doc ordered a CT scan and they found the brain tumor on his frontal lobe.

God is great and merciful! The tumor was located in what is considered a "safe" part of the brain and my dad had brain surgery a week after the diagnosis. The tumor was contained in a little sac which made removal very easy, if such a thing can be said about brain surgery. :) I'm happy to report that dad's recovering nicely and is walking around and gaining strength by the day.

Family pic taken on the day we left. That ladder cracks me up...

L to R back row: Hubby, me, brother's fiancee, brother
Front row: Mom and dad

Now, to the other subject at hand.... IHSW!! I think I shall be giving Serengeti some love this weekend. How about you? What's on your stitchy plate?

August 18, 2014

August IHSW Report

Hi everyone!! How were your IHSWs? I know that things were crazy busy over the weekend in the US with most of the kids going back to school this week.

For the first time in months, I'm posting an IHSW Report on time AND with progress pics! :D The huts from Part 3 are finally done! They're so darn adorable, I can hardly stand it!

Next up will be everything on the left and right of the center. I haven't decided if I'm working on the hippos (R) or zebras (L) first. Hrmm....

Ran out of time today. Will be checking out your IHSW later this week!