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It's official....

... The SAL Triplets have a blog. Somehow, we've evolved from that to being The Evil Triplets. I suspect that this has much to do with the other 2 evil triplets, cos we all know that I'm an . Now that we've all kinda, sorta became rotaters, we're going to use that blog as a meeting place cum photo album of sorts for our WIPs. I can't wait to see pics of what Audrey and May are working on. May should almost be done with Neverending, otherwise known as Night, but we have yet to see a picture. >.< Of course, she tried to take a picture of these new green sneakers she bought the other day and ended up taking a movie of it. I must say, I was kinda disappointed the shoes just stood there instead of doing a little dance of something.

My Christmas Pressies

Albeit, this is quite a bit late, but I HAVE to share pics of the 2 pressies I'm totally in love with. Andrew sent me Sammy Deux (named for Sammy, Andrew's real life kitten). Isn't he just too precious for words? I adore him, and since I'm horribly allergic to the real ones, this is just so great. He's sooooo soft and cuddly. Then, today, Maria's pressie came in the mail, and it's this gorgeous Temari Ball. I have to ask her how much time it took her to do this. I love it. Those beads on the bottom clink together to make the most beautiful sound.

Blogging community, here I come... sorta

So I was sitting on the couch working on my latest cross-stitch, Sheila Wolk's Metamorphosis, charted by heavenandearthdesigns and I decided that I should take a break and build me a blog. So here I am. Random thoughts to follow in the days to come....