The blahs

I'm having a case of the blahs. I think this semi-cold is getting to me. Whoa, I spaced our for a bit and was staring at the calendar on Peggy's wall, and just noticed that today is Friday the 13th. Maybe that explains a bit..... naaaaah.

Why am I at Peggy's desk? Cos we're getting the windows tinted in our office and my desk is covered up with towels and stuff since it's closer to the windows than her desk is.

Back to the blahness... I went to bed at midnight last night... which is a super rare occasion, and if I didn't have to teach this afternoon, I was actually going to stay home... another rare occasion since I don't get paid if I don't show up... so blah, blah, and more BLAH.

I'm such a downer... I WANT TO SLEEP! >.< And I didn't even get to stitch much last night. Sigh.


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