Blog Crossover

I'm feeling a wee bit better, just a wee bit mind you... but good enough to want to sew. It occurs to me that I'm overlapping my blogs, since I usually talk about stitching on the Evil Triplets' site.

I'm so addicted to Meta, it's quite unbelievable. There is something to do with seeing all those little stitches take shape, and have it come out so beautifully blended. There is a certain pride in it when someone looks at it and go "THAT'S cross-stitch?!?"

Now, a WOW piece is Becca's Revelation, which is a huge inspiration to me. It's amazing how she parks her threads. It would drive me totally batty to do that, but she keeps them so neat and tidy and it's always a wonder to see her latest WIP and to see Revelation 'revealed'. It's just drop deap gorgeous, is what it is.

In fact, all the WIPS on the HAED BB are just beautiful, as are the gals and guys (2 atm I think) there. It's such a great community to hang out in. I could have a really bad day, or feel really supremely blah, and a visit there would somehow always make me smile or cheer me up. I'm sad to say I know so few of them on the board, but how great would it be to be able to get together with all these wonderful women, sit and relax, and talk about life and stitching. Hmm... somehow I think that would mean we'd never leave. :O


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