A commentator got me thinking... not usually a good thing...

The thinking bit is not usually a good thing, I mean. Sometimes, it opens a whole can of worms that is well, better left alone. I have a feeling that this is one of those times, so I'll try to refrain myself. ^.~

I'm not an american football person. Have never claimed to be one, and the instances of me watching a few minutes of a game is very, very rare. Because I have been on a sewing binge of late, and the most comfortable spot for me is on the loveseat, where I have a fluorescent light above me, (this is very important as I'm working on Metamorphosis on 25ct and that light is an eyesaver) I have 'listened' to all 3 bowls the last few nights, not very well, I must add.

Except for the Rose Bowl last night. The quarterback for Texas was like this hulking giant that threw, ran the ball, and was quite near unstoppable for a lot of instances. He even had me looking up at the tv to watch him score a couple of touchdowns... another quite rare feat, and he was amazing to watch. The commentator was saying at the end of the game that he should quit college (he's a Jr) and join the NFL, which I don't agree with. I guess he could break something and ruin his NFL career before he got in, which means that he would have missed making gazillions of $$$. But shouldn't an education be more important?

I guess it presents what is now the age-old sports question of how much should athletes really be paid. The way some parents push their kids to excel at sports, just so that they can make lots of money, makes me sick. Like really, since when is yelling at your 6-year old cos he couldn't score a matter of life and death??! Why push them that much?? Why do some parents feel like they have to live through their kids? The amount of pressure they pile on is so insane. Just cos the Tiger Woods is a success means their child could be? Suuuuuuure, for the ONE Tiger Woods, how many tens of thousands have failed? If they want that kind of fame, they should go freaking do it themselves! (oh, I was supposed to be restrained.... oops)

It's entertaining to watch them, I know, goodness knows I love watching badminton and basketball.... hell, it's life for some people. But to have tens of millions paid to them per year?? That's like actors getting 20 million for a movie. Freaking ridiculous, if you ask me. But that would be opening ANOTHER can of worms, and I'd better not go there today.

Why do people who actually make a difference in society like teachers, nurses, scientists have to go through hell and high water to get their bills paid? If a meteor hits tomorrow, and everything is devastated, who do we think is going to make the most difference in helping humanity rebuild?

'Nough said.


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