Dolphin Sighting

This is kinda old news now... but I just wanted to blog it so that I won't forget it happened.

Last weekend, we had to go out of town to Naples to meet DH's cousin. It's kinda a family thing since his parents are here visiting and they wanted to get together with her. We saw a lot of alligators and all kinds of wildlife on the way there in the natur preserves. Had lunch at this Persian restaurant when we got to Naples, which was really good, and then drove to the beach to hang out for a bit.

As we were getting ready to head back, DH and MIL saw something in the water. "Is that a shark or a dolphin?!?" So we stood there for a while, watching into the distance, and we see this black shadow surface and jumped up. OMG, IT'S A DOLPHIN!!! Another few seconds later, another one surfaces and archs up in the air. We were so excited, so we stayed and watched. They came closer and closer to the shore and were leaping and frolicking around. Then we saw another 2 bound up into the air.

Waited around a bit longer, but I think they headed back out. It was the coolest thing ever! Made the trip worthwhile.


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