Happy 2006 ^.^

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wonder what this year will bring... hopefully better stuff than last year for sure.

So do resolutions not count unless it's told to at least one person? Maybe that puts you on account of at least trying to get them met. That said, my resolutions this year would be:

1. Not let things rile me up. I think I'm a pretty laid back person, as things go. But sometimes certain things just have a way of getting under my skin. So need to not do there. Breathe in, breathe out and all that.

2. Get our debts paid off. I've been doing pretty good since I started working since we're fortunate enough to be able to put most of what I earn towards CC debts. The original plan was to get everything taken care of by August... so we shall see.

3. Go home(Malaysia). It's been years since I've been home, and I HATE that trip. But both grandmas are getting old, and they're not going to live forever. As it is, neither one of them is doing too well. Meeting my nephew would be great too. He'll be almost 2 by the time I make it home. It's really, really sad to be living this far away. :(

4. Be better at keeping in touch with friends and family. Seems like they write a gazillion times before I reply. Not good... not good at all.

5. Buy our own house. By God's grace.


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