Been MIA for a few days now... how life gets so hectic and so busy escapes me.

The weekend... what weekend?!? was a bust. Saturday was a teaching day and Sunday we had to go out of town to meet with DH's cousin.

Monday and today I've been swamped at work... oh yeah, and last night was the in-law's anniversary and so we took them out to dinner which became a 3 hour thing. Went to this restaurant by the dockside, which was really good. I think they had fun, so that was good.

Haven't been on the computer at nights lately, maybe I'll get back into the groove of things in a bit here. But for now, I'm just kinda going on cruise control. Ever had those "I'm breathing, what more do you want?" kinda days? This is one of them. Although, I think me feeling kinda sick and not being able to breathe as a result of my blocked nose could've added to the blahness.

Oh wait... did I said I was breathing.... well, I have oxygen flowing in my veins... that should be good enough for now. >.<


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