The need for sleep...

... is really hitting me at the moment. Actually, for the past 2 1/2 hours, which was when I had to get up. It's been kinda hectic around lately... I think I have too much on my plate with work and stuff, but it's kind of hard to cut back especially when I'm liking the paychecks so much. So, for now, it's 6 days a week or work, and 1 day of rest.

Every Friday I think about not teaching on Saturdays, cos I have to leave earlier on Saturdays than weekdays to go to work... blahhhhh.... but then right in its tracks, I think about how much less I'd make if I didn't work Saturdays.... another blaaaaaahhhhhh.

Found out yesterday that we're getting paid more per page for this other project that I work on on the sidelines... and wow, that was nice. Especially since I had handed something in and will be getting paid for it shortly. So, now... again, I'm trying to fit in enough time to do all that work AND have some free time. Not looking so good right now... sigh.

Something's going to have to give soon with this whole work thing. I say this and I haven't even worked out yet how I'm going to fit this other working project into my schedule. Sigh.


This is kinda hard to do since I don't buy the damn things! Maybe one of next year's resolution should be to buy lotto tickets.


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