I'm just going to paste what I told my friend about what happened to me, so I won't have to retype:

I feel down the stairs this morning as we were heading out. My foot slipped on the 2nd step and I fell and kinda slid down almost all the way. I was trying to stop myself, of course, and so used my right arm to try to grab on to something, which was really silly, cos there weren't anything to hold on to. So now my elbow and there is a spot on my arm on top of that is sore cos it scraped off the skin. My whole right arm is kinda sore too, and I think that it might start hurting tomorrow. Meantime, patches of my right leg hurts in places cos that's the leg that slid.

I didn't get to sew at all yesterday, and I'm really wanting to go do that too, but I have no idea if my arm is going to get sore doing that.

I'm still so tired. Went out of town to meet DH's cousin today, and I slept all of the 2 hours on the way back... and I still wanna just crawl back to bed now, but I have work to do. Sigh.


stitchinfiend said…
I did that back in August and my hip still hurts. ((((((huggsss))) hope it feels better soon.
fudgey said…
Oh sweetie, you must look after yourself, we don't want you all broken and damaged..

J said…
Awww, thanks for the hugs, girls. ^.^

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