Parents and the Blogging World

Talked to my parents this morning. ^.^ What's the big deal, you might ask. Well, it's been about 10 days since I last called. Time difference can be such a bitch especially when you're 13 hours apart. I used to talk to them at least once a week, but those were the days of teaching only in the afternoons, waaaaay late nights, or should I say waaaaay early mornings ;), and non-wakeful mornings.

But now, real life has set in... have I mentioned before that I think real life sucks? Yes, well, it does.... unless you're shopping, or drinking coffee, or stitching, or watching a movie, or vegetating, or have free time to do whatever you want to do. HAHA! I digress... I do so love the word digress. Ooooh, that would be a good blog topic... Favorite Words, will have to remember to do that.

So real life and working like a 'normal' person with 'normal' hours is not very healthy for callling schedules. Morning here is night there, night here is morning there, which leaves me mornings my time to call them but that's for only about 30 minutes. Not to mention almost no time to call my brother anymore. And for that event, I block off hours, cos we have been known to chat for upwards of 4 hours at one go. And of late, I even get to 'talk' to my darling nephew, who is THE cutest baby in the whole wide world. Thank God international phone charges are so cheap through the net these days.

The point of this blog... I only had time to say a quick 'hi, bye' to my dad this morning cos mom and I were prattling on. And so I thought that I'm going to start them on reading my blog, cos really, it's not like they have anything else to do. HAHA. I swear I think they're busier than I am.

Although... this would mean that I have to watch my language and not swear. Hmm... that could prove to be a trial. Maybe I shouldn't tell them about my blog.... oh damn, too late. :O

Being this far away sucks, really. Sometimes by the time I tell them something, it's such old news that it's not worth the effort. HEY!!!! *ding, ding, ding* I could get them to blog!!!!! ::snort:: Yeah right. ;)


Milady Insanity said…
I love digress too! Betcha A does too!

And da parents do not know that I blog. I will keep it that way in order to save their sanity, even though mine's already beyond help.
J said…
Mmmmm.... digressssssss! Yanno, I think I might have found our separated at birth quadruplet!! It's BECCA!!! Wonder if she love digress. That would soooo cement it.

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