Rude Awakening

And I mean literally! They're redoing the roofs at our complex, partly due to Wilma, and I've heard from the grapevines, mostly due to the fact that they're getting ready to sell the townhouses. So, over the last week the workers have been working on taking the tiles off the roofs.

7:15 am, and yes, I mean AY AMMM, they started on the roof right outside our bedroom window. BANG, BANG, BAAAAAANG. Grrrrrrrr. Not happy about that.

It crossed my mind numerous times that I could get up and go sew, COULD being the operative word. ^.^ So there I was, in the land between sleep and awakeness... you know the one I mean. Where you're kind of sleeping, but you hear all the noise that's going on around you, and when it's time to get up, you feel worse than you would have if you'd just gotten up in the first place.

'nyways, that wasn't such a good start to my day.


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