Sing It With Me

(to the tune of My Favorite Things)

Cross-stitching 'pwetties', while lis'ning to t.v.,
Starbucks' iced mocha, and dark choc'late pastry;
Breathtaking sunsets and new blooms in spring,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Stargate Atlantis, and of course, S. G. One,
Reading a good book, or when chores are done;
Twelve-hour marathons of Lord of the Rings,
These are few of my favorite things.

Digress, perogative, and oxymoron,
Just to rhyme 'moron', I'm throwing in 'forlorn';
Un-ordinary words are so much fun,
Unlike a day of being out in the sun!!

When life gets stressful,
When people are mean,
When I'm feeling blue....
I'll start up the car,
And drive to the mall,
And buy me a pair... of..... SHOES!


Milady Insanity said…

I wish I could do that. I just can't.

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