To Work or Not To Work

It is now 1:15 a.m. and I just finished with some work I brought home. My eyes are ready to fall out of their sockets, my ears are crying for mercy, and my brain is mush. How long did I spend on this CD? Three... count them.... THREE fraeking days. Just tonight alone, I spent almost 3 hours on it listening for wrong notes. The prior 2 days, I spent listening for pops, clicks, and squeaks. How? Through 2 different sets of headphones and 2 stereos... AND by blasting them, mind you. My poor ears will never recover.

This brings me too.... how much do I really want to work? I work at the office part-time, but I've been bringing work home to do at nights, since I teach in the afternoons. I've heard rumblings and hints of the boss wanting me to put in full-time status. If, and it's a big IF, I go that route, I'm not willing to give up my studio, which leaves me the only option of taking work home at night... about at least 2 hours worth every night.

If I go with that schedule, I have full 6 day weeks, which leaves me just Sunday to relax... and it leaves me almost no time to stitch, which is going to make me very, very cranky. However, (isn't there always a however?) it would mean that I would make quite a bit more $$, which in turn would mean I could and would buy and kit up more HAED. But then, when will I find the time to stitch?

Whatever is a girl to do?


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