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The Value of Punishment

A few days ago, I blogged about this one mean rosy barb that kept chasing the other one to the point that we're afraid it was going to keel over and die of a heart attack. So I went to read up online about the behaviours of rosy barbs, and 4 out of the 6 owners had said that they're much better in schools. Having read that, off we went to the pet store and bought us 2 more rosy barbs, fill with high hopes that that would fix things. This must've made meanie rosy barb ecstatic, cos he now had THREE other rosies to chase around!! So, we were back to our original plan of separating him, and thusly, made another trip to the pet store to buy a breeder tank or separator of some sort. WELL! The cheapest thing we could find was $6! Not too expensive, right? Well, considering the silly fish was only $1.50, there as no way I would give up 2 Starbucks cafe mocha for it. We decided that by hook or by crook he needed some kind of a time out. So, out came the huge salad bowl, that we

Our New Adventure

Got an email from the cuz yesterday. What's the big deal, you might ask. Well, in it was a word document with pictures of a condo that was up for sale. So, I got in touch with the person, who sounded really nice, and made an appointment to see the the condo after work last night. It took us a little while to find it, cos well, I'm not great at taking directions, and I kinda neglected to ask for the name of the community. Hehehehe. :S So we ended up going into another community, and thought that it looked nice, but congested. Well, reading the building numbers yielded nothing.... so out we went and in into the next one. These looked nice... even in the dark. We parked, and walked around this beautifully landscaped pathway to the seller's front door. There were flower bushes everywhere, and nice, healthy, big trees. The condo was really nice too, very well-maintained and they had painted the walls all these different fun colors, which really worked. They're going to hav

More Fish Piccies



I've finished 3 pages of my girl and she is absolutely to die for! I was up waaaaay late last night (4am) working on her, as I didn't get to stitch till after midnight. I had to work... but I'm not going to get into that, cos well... that would just upset me. I wasn't even forcing myself to stay awake. Oh, I was tired at 2am-ish but since I was in the middle of a color, I keep forging ahead. By the time 2:30 rolled along, I was wide awake.... WHEEEEE!!!! So there I was, happily stitching away till 4! I love being able to do that, and if I didn't have to wake up early to go to work today, I'd have made me a big cuppa coffee and kept going. ^.^ There is something soooo soothing and therapeutic about stitching those little stitches and seeing them fall neatly into place. Hehe, I have friends who think I'm insane and they can't figure out how I'm not tearing my hair out, but how can one feel anything other than awe and be inspired to be working on

The kids...

I don't think Kenji is doing too good. Well, let me take that back... I *know* he's not doing good. He's been lying around the last few days acting like the hero in an Indian movie doing a long death scene. The only difference is he isn't singing in some field full of wild flowers. LOL. If you haven't seen an indian movie, allow me to explain... They tend to have very long, drawn-out death scenes, where the hero, despite bleeding almost to the brink of death, has the strength, stamina, determination, and vitality to crawl across rivers and valleys, over mountains and hilltops to see his love one last time. Now, during this arduous journey, he imagines running with her in a vast green field or climbing up trees, and singing 10-minute long songs. We have this rosy barb that is SUCH a bully. He chases the other one around mercilessly, and I'm afraid the little guy is going to have a heart attack and keel over and die. We bought 2 more rosy barbs tonight, in hope

Another one bites the dust...

I don't think we have luck with gouramis. Siiiigh. Elegy pour Gourami

Lost one

Yesterday morning, or maybe it was in the wee hours of dawn... one of our gold gouramis died.... on Valentine's Day, no less. He's now swimming with poop. :S

Hobby Revisited - Part 4

Let's see.... picture montage of the next few stages of our tank. ^.^ Water was a little cloudy on this day in history. Added a rock for hiding areas, and another small cloth plant. In the next few days, we bought 2 gold gouramis , 2 long-tailed red barbs , 1 dojo loach ... whom we've named Kenji, and 2 amazon sword plants . Kenji Hide-n-seek Kenji. The finished product. Long-fin rosy barbs. Gold gourami. Serpae tetras, whom I've named: big silly, second silly, etc, all the way to fifth silly, reminiscent of of how chinese people used to name their kids.

Hobby Revisited - Part 3

Now that the tank has had about 24 hours to cure, we went to the same Pet Superstore for some decorations and fish. After a long perusal, we decided that driftwood is going to look AWESOME! So, we picked out 2 that we thought looked natural, and at the same time, picked out 9 zebra danios and 5 serpae tetras . We tamped down our excitement, and had dinner before venturing forth into the next step of our adventure. The fishies are in their baggies in the tank, and after dinner, DH puts the first of our 2 logs in. DH: Oh-oh. Me: What?!? DH: ..... this is not going to work. Me: Why not? DH: It will float. Me: Pile lots of gravel on it. It'll stay! DH: I'm telling you, it won't. Me: Sure it will. DH: *piles gravel on the slate bottom, and lets go* *Up pops, yes.... POPS, the log* Us: Oh shit!! DH: Hmm.... maybe that's why they're called drift wood... cos, you know... they DRIFT! **Google to the rescue** Dun-dun-dun!! We found out that if you boil the l

Hobby Revisited - Part 2

So, off we ambled to the various pet stores, saw some fish, some tanks, more fish, more tanks, and decided against a saltwater tank, at this point in time. Didn't see much of any tank we'd want in any way, shape, or form, and headed back home for the Superbowl. BUT... A-HAH!!!! Very, very close to home, there was a new petsuperstore... superpetstore... superstoreforpets... umm.. yeah, something like that. So, in we go, looked around at their tanks, and thought that a 29 gal. one will do nicely. Walked around some more, looked at some fish, looked at the birds, then walked out of the store. Off to the car we go. Got in, started the engine, backed out, crawled forward a couple of parking spaces.... Me: So what do you think? DH: Hmm.... could be nice. Me: Yeah, I think so. I still like the bigger one though. DH: Nah, it's too big, and it might be too heavy for the countertop. Me: Hmm... it's nice though, huh? DH: Yeah, could be. Me: OK! Let's go get it! ....

Hobby Revisited - Part 1

After months and months of deliberation and the occasional "we should get a fish tank again", (ok, ok, I admit, more occasional random spewing forth of 'we shoulds' than delibaration. ^.~) we went out and did just that. This, is an account of how the event panned out: There I was, sitting on the couch on Sunday, happily stitching away on Metamorphosis . In my head I was planning how I was going to get at least 6 hours of stitching in, and I was mentally mapping out the stitches I'd work on and the pathways I was going to take. Yes, I'm sick, I know. ^.~ Maybe, just maybe, I'll do a half page update over at the ET's . The media center was on, and DH was browsing, and chatting on MSN Messenger, about fish tanks amongst other things, and thus began my downward spiral into the abyss known as the land of non-stitching of one and a half days now... *cwwwwyyyy* DH: Heather... (ummm.....ok, I admit, I don't remember what DH said about what Heather said

I'm back... kinda

Time sure flies. At the back of my mind I keep thinking that I needed to blog, and yet, it's been almost 2 weeks since I dropped by. Things have been kinda uneventful. I've kinda decided that I'll try and not talk about work as much as possible on here, cos really, there isn't anything excited about it. It just turns out to be one long whine on my part and me going through it is ordeal enough. ^.~ I also realize that I need to catch up on some news.... like the fact that we went to see Varekai, and we've set up a fish tank. Stay tuned. ^.^