Hobby Revisited - Part 1

After months and months of deliberation and the occasional "we should get a fish tank again", (ok, ok, I admit, more occasional random spewing forth of 'we shoulds' than delibaration. ^.~) we went out and did just that. This, is an account of how the event panned out:

There I was, sitting on the couch on Sunday, happily stitching away on Metamorphosis. In my head I was planning how I was going to get at least 6 hours of stitching in, and I was mentally mapping out the stitches I'd work on and the pathways I was going to take. Yes, I'm sick, I know. ^.~

Maybe, just maybe, I'll do a half page update over at the ET's.

The media center was on, and DH was browsing, and chatting on MSN Messenger, about fish tanks amongst other things, and thus began my downward spiral into the abyss known as the land of non-stitching of one and a half days now... *cwwwwyyyy*

DH: Heather... (ummm.....ok, I admit, I don't remember what DH said about what Heather said. I DO know it was something about fishies though. ^.^)

Me: Oh hmm. (Yes, I do this a lot when I'm stitching and listening with half an ear. It's ok, he knows it. ^.~ If it was important, there is this part of my brain that registers is, and I stick up my head from my stitchy haven and go, "huh?")

*****15 seconds passed by

Me: We should get a tank.

DH: You wanna?

Me: Hmmm.... mayyyybeeee

***** stitch, stitch, stitch

Me: You wanna?

***** silence

DH: I ono

Me: Yeah, we should. Isn't there that place on that road to Ai Lin's (my cousin) place? You know the one I'm talking about right? (You think I jest... but that's what I said. ^.~)

DH: Ummm....

Me: Yeah, you know... it's like on the left hand side, I think. Or was it on the right.... no.... it's on the left. Yeah, left.

DH: Hmmm....

Me: I think they should be open on Sundays. Or we can go to that other one.

DH: Which other one?

Me: Umm... didn't we see another one that one time?

DH: ::sighs and brings up Google:: Ok, there's one on Wiles...

Me: YAH! That's the one that we always see on that road.

DH: ... and... OH! There's one by our Publix (grocery store), and a couple on University. This one has pretty good reviews.

Me: Ooooh, ok. So which should we go to?

DH: All of them?

Me: Ok. Awwwwww, but it's so sad to go to the pet store. Then I'll want a puppy.... should we get salt or freshwater? (as in fish, not puppies. Yes, I mix my sentences together all the time. It drives people batty. Nyah-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

DH: We'll see. (I think he was mentally rolling his eyes. Not the first time during this whole conversation I'm sure. ^.~)

****** to be continued


Milady Insanity said…
I'm disappointed in you.

When Mo rolls his eyes at you, you're supposed to smack him upside the head!

And whilst we're at it, you should do that when he rolls his eyes at me too!


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