Hobby Revisited - Part 2

So, off we ambled to the various pet stores, saw some fish, some tanks, more fish, more tanks, and decided against a saltwater tank, at this point in time.

Didn't see much of any tank we'd want in any way, shape, or form, and headed back home for the Superbowl. BUT... A-HAH!!!! Very, very close to home, there was a new petsuperstore... superpetstore... superstoreforpets... umm.. yeah, something like that.

So, in we go, looked around at their tanks, and thought that a 29 gal. one will do nicely. Walked around some more, looked at some fish, looked at the birds, then walked out of the store.

Off to the car we go. Got in, started the engine, backed out, crawled forward a couple of parking spaces....

Me: So what do you think?

DH: Hmm.... could be nice.

Me: Yeah, I think so. I still like the bigger one though.

DH: Nah, it's too big, and it might be too heavy for the countertop.

Me: Hmm... it's nice though, huh?

DH: Yeah, could be.

Me: OK! Let's go get it!

.... parked again, and walked back into the store. I kid you not!

Got it home, filled up the tank, put in the filter, and there we were... proud owners of a 29 gal. aquarium. Ok... albeit, an EMPTY aquarium.


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