Hobby Revisited - Part 3

Now that the tank has had about 24 hours to cure, we went to the same Pet Superstore for some decorations and fish. After a long perusal, we decided that driftwood is going to look AWESOME! So, we picked out 2 that we thought looked natural, and at the same time, picked out 9 zebra danios and 5 serpae tetras.

We tamped down our excitement, and had dinner before venturing forth into the next step of our adventure.

The fishies are in their baggies in the tank, and after dinner, DH puts the first of our 2 logs in.

DH: Oh-oh.

Me: What?!?

DH: ..... this is not going to work.

Me: Why not?

DH: It will float.

Me: Pile lots of gravel on it. It'll stay!

DH: I'm telling you, it won't.

Me: Sure it will.

DH: *piles gravel on the slate bottom, and lets go*

*Up pops, yes.... POPS, the log*

Us: Oh shit!!

DH: Hmm.... maybe that's why they're called drift wood... cos, you know... they DRIFT!

**Google to the rescue**


We found out that if you boil the logs... maybe, just MAYBE, they'll sink.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words... well, if that is the case:

Can you say... YUCK?!?

Poor, imprisoned fishies. They were in those bags for upwards of 6 hours. Of all the atrocities!


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