The kids...

I don't think Kenji is doing too good. Well, let me take that back... I *know* he's not doing good. He's been lying around the last few days acting like the hero in an Indian movie doing a long death scene. The only difference is he isn't singing in some field full of wild flowers. LOL.

If you haven't seen an indian movie, allow me to explain...

They tend to have very long, drawn-out death scenes, where the hero, despite bleeding almost to the brink of death, has the strength, stamina, determination, and vitality to crawl across rivers and valleys, over mountains and hilltops to see his love one last time. Now, during this arduous journey, he imagines running with her in a vast green field or climbing up trees, and singing 10-minute long songs.

We have this rosy barb that is SUCH a bully. He chases the other one around mercilessly, and I'm afraid the little guy is going to have a heart attack and keel over and die. We bought 2 more rosy barbs tonight, in hopes that having them in a school would stop the first one being aggressive. So far... it's not working too well as he now has THREE others to chase around. I think I'm going to have to resort to buying a breeding tank, and putting him in there for time out!

We bought these 2 beautiful emperor tetras last night, with electric blue eyes! LOVE them!


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