I've finished 3 pages of my girl and she is absolutely to die for! I was up waaaaay late last night (4am) working on her, as I didn't get to stitch till after midnight. I had to work... but I'm not going to get into that, cos well... that would just upset me.

I wasn't even forcing myself to stay awake. Oh, I was tired at 2am-ish but since I was in the middle of a color, I keep forging ahead. By the time 2:30 rolled along, I was wide awake.... WHEEEEE!!!! So there I was, happily stitching away till 4!

I love being able to do that, and if I didn't have to wake up early to go to work today, I'd have made me a big cuppa coffee and kept going. ^.^

There is something soooo soothing and therapeutic about stitching those little stitches and seeing them fall neatly into place. Hehe, I have friends who think I'm insane and they can't figure out how I'm not tearing my hair out, but how can one feel anything other than awe and be inspired to be working on something as gorgeous as this?

Meanwhile, At First Sight and Rover's Cripple have been running amok in my head, and I can't decide which one I want to work on next.

And this is without David's dragons having been charted yet.

Ah well... always fun to plan ahead, unless it drives me batty first. But then again... I've never claimed to be sane. ^.~


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