Our New Adventure

Got an email from the cuz yesterday. What's the big deal, you might ask. Well, in it was a word document with pictures of a condo that was up for sale. So, I got in touch with the person, who sounded really nice, and made an appointment to see the the condo after work last night.

It took us a little while to find it, cos well, I'm not great at taking directions, and I kinda neglected to ask for the name of the community. Hehehehe. :S So we ended up going into another community, and thought that it looked nice, but congested. Well, reading the building numbers yielded nothing.... so out we went and in into the next one. These looked nice... even in the dark.

We parked, and walked around this beautifully landscaped pathway to the seller's front door. There were flower bushes everywhere, and nice, healthy, big trees. The condo was really nice too, very well-maintained and they had painted the walls all these different fun colors, which really worked. They're going to have to be repainted for sure though, if we get the place. Orange, blue, yellow etc are not exactly our colors. ^.~

The floors are tiled and the kitchen cabinets are done up really, really nice. The owner 'pergo-ed' the bedroom floors, the kitchen has a pretty nice-sized pantry, and the master has a walk-in closet.

All those words, and since a picture speaks a thousand words.... some pics then:

I didn't really wanna poke my head into every nook and cranny, cos well, it's their stuff, and I felt bad... but if we're seriously going to get this place... then I'll do that for sure. Look under the sinks, in the bathtub, open every drawer and cabinet.... hehehe. We're going to go look around the community and landscaping during the day just to get a better idea.

It's a little smaller than our current place right now, and the asking price is 235k. Ouchies! Also, the monthly maintenance fee is $270, another ouch. To be fair, I priced the m.fee a year ago, and they might have gone up. As far as the price goes, in the current market, it's decent.

So, it's back to calling my last internet mortgage guy and getting a new loan, and back to scouring the net for other places for sale, and calling places for prices. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Hmm... did I mention this is going to be EXPENSIVE?!?


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