The Value of Punishment

A few days ago, I blogged about this one mean rosy barb that kept chasing the other one to the point that we're afraid it was going to keel over and die of a heart attack.

So I went to read up online about the behaviours of rosy barbs, and 4 out of the 6 owners had said that they're much better in schools. Having read that, off we went to the pet store and bought us 2 more rosy barbs, fill with high hopes that that would fix things.

This must've made meanie rosy barb ecstatic, cos he now had THREE other rosies to chase around!!

So, we were back to our original plan of separating him, and thusly, made another trip to the pet store to buy a breeder tank or separator of some sort. WELL! The cheapest thing we could find was $6! Not too expensive, right? Well, considering the silly fish was only $1.50, there as no way I would give up 2 Starbucks cafe mocha for it.

We decided that by hook or by crook he needed some kind of a time out. So, out came the huge salad bowl, that we filled with water from the tank, and in went meanie for 24 hours, after which we put him back in to see what would happen.

And what do you know?!? Wonders of wonders, he thinks he's the new kid on the block, and doesn't own the tank, and is now playing nice. Which is a wonderful thing, cos barring that, I was going to toss him into the pond outside as fish fodder!


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