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Art... to snob or not to snob

I love having pretty art on my walls... well, pretty art according to ME. ^.~ I love the bright colors that splash out, screaming for attention, roping you in to the brilliance and wonder of a whole different world. And I love the muted tones that blend and swirl in such harmony and convey calmness and longing and a total sense of peace. I marvel at the enormity of artist' visions and am amazed at the raw and/or honed talent of these artists at transferring a vision into reality. I should say that I don't like going to museums though. My attention span on such matters won't last more than 30 minutes tops. And there is something about them not being mine and on my wall, where I can gaze at them at any given time. DH loves spending time looking at masterpieces though... so does my brother . I guess they appreciate art for art in every aspects, whereas mine is in enjoying what I own? *shrug* We're kinda snobbish when it comes to owning art though. Everything we have on

Just Because

Be warned... this has the potential of being random indeed. Let's see, what has been happening in the last 2 weeks... or not happening, I should say. Let's go with what's not happening, so that I can make myself feel really, really good. >.< What's NOT happening: 1. STITCHING. >.< I might have mention somewhere that I was going to take a week out to finish Mates. Well.... hmm... huh... "a week" I said? Well, I must've been drunk. Wait, that can't be, cos I don't drink. Maybe I was sleep-tal... ummm -typing. But seeing as how I don't have a laptop, that would've been hard to accomplish. I KNOW!!! I was under duress!!! From umm... umm..... Baby. Ok, ok, sigh, I can hear her whining already... I'm sure I'm going to hear about this. I'll just chalk it up to insanity... that's it. I thought I'd finish Mates inside of a week cos I was INSANE! Oooh, guess what? I can surely blame this one on Baby. Just look

It's been almost 2 weeks...

... of keyboard silence. I really should blog....

Of Tides and Full Moons

I've been tired and lethargic of late. Can't quite put my finger on it. I haven't slept this much in a long, long time either. Why, on Saturday, I got home from teaching, walked in the door, took off my shoes, and promptly laid down on the couch for a nap. That's quite, quite out of the ordinary for sure. I'm going through what I call my "shopping phase" again. Let me explain... I can go through months and months on end of not shopping, and basically, not feeling any need or desire to (weird for a girl, I know), but then WHAMMO! I have to shop. It doesn't really quite matter what I buy... I just HAVE to shop. So far, I haven't bought much of anything, due in part to not having time to go shopping and well, nothing on the net is looking particularly interesting atm. Well, thinking of our CC bill is also a huge deterrent. Thankfully, there is a hint of sanity left. As for how long it'll last remains to be seen. I somehow suspect that it'll g

All Ironed Out

I just got through ironing a whole month's worth of clothes. Not fun... not fun at all! At least I didn't have to clean the bathrooms. ^.^ Haven't gotten much stitching done the last few days. Been too tired as a general rule, but I'm off to do that now. My plan about finishing Mates in 10 days isn't going to happen. Why do I always underestimate? Sigh.

A bear, a lion and a chicken....

Joke of the day: courtesy of Heather. ^.^ A bear, a lion and a chicken met one day. Bear says: "if I roar in the forest, the entire forest shivers with fear." Lion says: "if I roar in the desert, the entire desert is afraid of me." Says the chicken: "big deal I only have to cough, and the entire planet sh!ts itself."


Are they really important? I guess, if someone is being taught to sound words out phonetically, it could be important. Definitely if you're writing a dictionary or if you're in the publishing business, especially when you have to work with lyrics, they are super important. Just in the above sentence alone... if we take the word "Important" into consideration, one could argue that hyphenations would help. After all, who'd want to teach a person to say "imp-or-tant"? ... or to sing "imp-ort-ant"? This might have audiences wondering during a performance why the singer is suddenly belting out a choice for an imp or an ant! But are they of much use in everyday terms? I.E. emails, blogs, forums, chats, or even the occasional handwritten letter. I would think not. How many of us would sound out words as we're reading them? How often do our eyes gloss over whole sentences, or even whole paragraphs to catch the gist of the message? In our busy


Courtesy of Becca

Mind Over Matter

Wikipedia says that "It is the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body. For example, "self-help" personalities such as Tony Robbins claim that, through the power of concentration and "positive thinking", people can walk on hot coals without getting burned." Ahh.... simple. That must then explain why, on the subject of my self-imposed hiatus on Meta to finish Mates, I keep telling myself that I'm really hyped to see Mates finished and that I believe me.... NOT! For the time being, I'm chalking it up to my being really tired between bouts of teaching this afternoon and thus, couldn't really get into Mates. And of course, it can't be that I was maybe, just maybe, on a very, very, VERY slight chance, just a teensie-weensie.... very, very, very minute.... like the smallest imaginable particle, bored (GULP!) with it. My cousin.... the sweet person that she's always been... actually scoffed... yes, you read it right... SCOFFE

My Weekends

They usually consist of one day since Saturday's a total bust with teaching and chores. Now Sundays.... ahhh... those are the days that I can look forward to sleeping in till noon, or sitting on the loveseat stitching or watching a movie, or going out shoppping. Every now and then, when Saturdays get too busy and spills over into Sundays, I get no weekends at all. But, since that doesn't happen often, I won't complain about it.... not yet anyways. ;) This week however, I had a totally fab weekend, and yes, that included Saturday. I still had to teach in the morning and didn't get home till 4, BUT I got to go floss shopping. SQUEEEEEEE! And since I was kitting up for Baby Evil too, I was in DMC Floss heaven. Of course, when I got back, I had to spend an inexorbitant amount of time going through her 200 floss colors and making sure that they matched the charts I was kitting up. And, so what if a major part of that time was spent stroking the threads and mooning over

My Ordeal

You would think it would be something as drastic as having a limb chopped off, or being told that I have terminal cancer, or not being able to stitch for days..., ok, yes about not being able to stitch..... but no, it's worse than that. I've had to listen to this CD.... for almost two FULL days! Every track at least 3 or 4 times to check for noises and wrong notes, and here's the kicker... there are 54 freaking tracks!! So it has been absolutely NO life, NO stitching, NO free time for 2 1/2 days now. I've haven't been as exhausted as I was yesterday from work. I couldn't even think about stitching by the time I got through with the CD at about 1 last night... and that, my friends, should tell you a lot. BUT it's done!!! Happy days are here again.... Stitchy days are back again... la la la lala la la lala..... It's all about stitching this weekend after work and floss shopping tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have a picture of my girl up by the e


OMG I'm such a klutz!!!! I went to the bathroom, pulled open the door, and the bottom of it hit my shoe!! Said door bounced back, right into my face!!! Well... my browbone to be specific and now it's all red and it hwurts. >.< I do think it deserves a kick..... ..... oh wait.... that would mean my foot would hurt. Although, the theory is if something else hurts, your original wound wouldn't hurt anymore. Hmm... I wonder if that works if another person receives the 2nd ouchie. While I'm thinking probably not... it might be a worthy thing to test out. Wonder if I can find some poor putz.... umm, I mean, kind soul to kick the door for me.....