Art... to snob or not to snob

I love having pretty art on my walls... well, pretty art according to ME. ^.~

I love the bright colors that splash out, screaming for attention, roping you in to the brilliance and wonder of a whole different world. And I love the muted tones that blend and swirl in such harmony and convey calmness and longing and a total sense of peace.

I marvel at the enormity of artist' visions and am amazed at the raw and/or honed talent of these artists at transferring a vision into reality.

I should say that I don't like going to museums though. My attention span on such matters won't last more than 30 minutes tops. And there is something about them not being mine and on my wall, where I can gaze at them at any given time. DH loves spending time looking at masterpieces though... so does my brother. I guess they appreciate art for art in every aspects, whereas mine is in enjoying what I own? *shrug*

We're kinda snobbish when it comes to owning art though. Everything we have on our walls are originals. Granted, most of them are my cross-stitches, so technically, they might not count. But we have a problem spending money on prints and such... which could be a real problem when we see something we really like, and the original costs more than our car! Fortunately, we don't live in a huge house, and the walls are tastefully decorated. Cos it wouldn't look great to just have a bunch of paintings together, as they tend to take away from each other, you know what I mean?

(sour grapes here... LOL)

*I have no idea why I'm even blogging about this subject*

I think I would sooo love to have a wall filled with my cross-stitches. An eclectic wall with fantastic stitched art, in all manner and colors, vibrant and muted, happy and pensive... a celebration of all things beautiful.


Milady Insanity said…
Just stitch faster.

Mo won't bat an eyelid when he comes home to find all the art gone or elsewhere, and you have your own wall of cross-stitch. You are his shweetie after all. ;)

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