Are they really important?

I guess, if someone is being taught to sound words out phonetically, it could be important. Definitely if you're writing a dictionary or if you're in the publishing business, especially when you have to work with lyrics, they are super important.

Just in the above sentence alone... if we take the word "Important" into consideration, one could argue that hyphenations would help. After all, who'd want to teach a person to say "imp-or-tant"?

... or to sing "imp-ort-ant"? This might have audiences wondering during a performance why the singer is suddenly belting out a choice for an imp or an ant!

But are they of much use in everyday terms? I.E. emails, blogs, forums, chats, or even the occasional handwritten letter. I would think not. How many of us would sound out words as we're reading them? How often do our eyes gloss over whole sentences, or even whole paragraphs to catch the gist of the message?

In our busy and oftentimes frantic lives, do we really have time to sit down and read everything carefully anymore? I, for one, take it for granted that what I think when I type is what will transfer over to the reader, and it very often does....

....til Bec and I discovered MISHIT.

Yup, I typed that.... have a guess at what I was wanting to say, and no, I wasn't talking about 'mi' 'sh.... ummm pooping."



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