Just Because

Be warned... this has the potential of being random indeed.

Let's see, what has been happening in the last 2 weeks... or not happening, I should say. Let's go with what's not happening, so that I can make myself feel really, really good. >.<

What's NOT happening:


I might have mention somewhere that I was going to take a week out to finish Mates. Well.... hmm... huh... "a week" I said? Well, I must've been drunk. Wait, that can't be, cos I don't drink. Maybe I was sleep-tal... ummm -typing. But seeing as how I don't have a laptop, that would've been hard to accomplish.

I KNOW!!! I was under duress!!! From umm... umm..... Baby. Ok, ok, sigh, I can hear her whining already... I'm sure I'm going to hear about this.

I'll just chalk it up to insanity... that's it. I thought I'd finish Mates inside of a week cos I was INSANE! Oooh, guess what? I can surely blame this one on Baby. Just look at the name of her blog. A-HAHAHAHA!! Score!


Did I mention that Mates isn't getting done? Oh yes, I just did, didn't I? Hmm.... well.... it AIN'T happening! Granted, I got some done, but not at the speed I was working on Meta. I guess maybe I should take a new WIP piccy, maybe that would spur me on. Yeah, right, who am I kidding?

It's all mostly Ancient's fault, really. She keeps sending me these awesome sites to look at, and well.... how's a girl to resist?

A told me the other day that she's sending me Cross My Heart's Eye of the Tiger. Ok, well, she said it was a surpise, but I wormed it out of her. Hehehehe. How awesome is she?? I'm so in love with that design.... now the question is when do I get to stitching that? Answer... NEVER if I don't finish Mates. Hmmmph!


Hey... would that be an oxymoron?

I was all ready to set aside yesterday to stitch all day... but ended up working instead. No one to blame this on but myself. I'm consoling myself with the fact that the money I made will go towards paying off credit cards and buying stash. Ooooh wait... I can blame that last bit on BOTH Ancient and Baby! WHOOO-HOOOO! I blame them cos I love them. *angelface*

What I HAVE been doing though is working a lot. Didn't have a day off all last week, but it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. I do think that if I do that every week, it'd get old very quickly. I find that if I sit at home doing nothing for long periods of time, I get a lethargic kind of headache. Then, I start to feel lazy, and sickly, and has no energy. So it's all good for now.

I think I want a Bose Acoustimass system. They're soooo teeny-tiny, and we can about hide them anywhere. I think that they're great speakers, but then I've been reading some online write-ups where people are saying that Bang & Olufsen are so much better. Silly me... I went to check out the prices!

Started reading again. Working on Daughter of the Drow by Elaine Cunningham from the Forgottem Realms. So far so good. She's really an awesome writer.

So, in the interim, I've been looking at cross-stitch designs a lot. The ever growing list of things to stitch include:

Character Creations' Jupiter Abstract

Mystic Stitch's Relic, Dahlia, Monet's Irises, and the June version of Gadd's birthstones line.

These are on top of the other's designs waiting in line. Sigh.

Maybe, if I disallow myself to browse for patterns till I finish Mates, that would get me going.

Or maybe I'd just pick up my Daughter of the Drow and read instead.

I think I shall stop now... too much of a good thing and all that. ^.~


Milady Insanity said…

That's all I gotta say.

Well, other than do you know how much Bang & Olufsen costs? It's HIGH-END of HIGH-END, you hear? Insane, I tell you. Just like you and me. *angelface*
Auds said…
Not my frackin' fault!! LOL, but I have to say that the Eye is growing on me ;) Maybe we can get Baby to do a SAL. Muwahahahaha
J said…
THAT'S what you were talking about growing on you A (at the ET blog).

LOL! That's what I get for reading these comments backwards. Apparently, I don't have the brain ATM. ^.~
J said…
Well, NOW I know how much B&O cost. ;)

A, I have to tell ya, I didn't catch the 'frackin' reference, but S sure did. He read that and did a double take:

"She said frackin!" and I'm like, yeah, remember I told you she's a huge BG fan?
fudgey said…
do the Jupiter pic... it is lovely...
then i am biased i stitch for Kerry and i stitched the Light echo model... ( which looks crappy to me)
J said…
I think I'll eventually get to Jupiter Abstract. I really love that picture.

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