My Ordeal

You would think it would be something as drastic as having a limb chopped off, or being told that I have terminal cancer, or not being able to stitch for days..., ok, yes about not being able to stitch..... but no, it's worse than that.

I've had to listen to this CD.... for almost two FULL days! Every track at least 3 or 4 times to check for noises and wrong notes, and here's the kicker... there are 54 freaking tracks!!

So it has been absolutely NO life, NO stitching, NO free time for 2 1/2 days now. I've haven't been as exhausted as I was yesterday from work. I couldn't even think about stitching by the time I got through with the CD at about 1 last night... and that, my friends, should tell you a lot.

BUT it's done!!! Happy days are here again.... Stitchy days are back again... la la la lala la la lala..... It's all about stitching this weekend after work and floss shopping tomorrow.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll have a picture of my girl up by the end of the weekend.


Aussie Bee said…
Yaaaaaaay stitch time!
Booo stinky CD with 54 tracks EWWW
Can't wait to see the next meta pic :)

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