My Weekends

They usually consist of one day since Saturday's a total bust with teaching and chores. Now Sundays.... ahhh... those are the days that I can look forward to sleeping in till noon, or sitting on the loveseat stitching or watching a movie, or going out shoppping. Every now and then, when Saturdays get too busy and spills over into Sundays, I get no weekends at all. But, since that doesn't happen often, I won't complain about it.... not yet anyways. ;)

This week however, I had a totally fab weekend, and yes, that included Saturday. I still had to teach in the morning and didn't get home till 4, BUT I got to go floss shopping. SQUEEEEEEE! And since I was kitting up for Baby Evil too, I was in DMC Floss heaven.

Of course, when I got back, I had to spend an inexorbitant amount of time going through her 200 floss colors and making sure that they matched the charts I was kitting up. And, so what if a major part of that time was spent stroking the threads and mooning over how pretty some of the colors are? ^.~ Totally on an innocent basis of course. It's a very pure fondling that we engage in.A-HAHAHA!

Now, Sunday... ahhhhh, Sunday! I spent my whole day with my girl.

Ahhh, but for more of such days.


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