Of Tides and Full Moons

I've been tired and lethargic of late. Can't quite put my finger on it. I haven't slept this much in a long, long time either. Why, on Saturday, I got home from teaching, walked in the door, took off my shoes, and promptly laid down on the couch for a nap. That's quite, quite out of the ordinary for sure.

I'm going through what I call my "shopping phase" again. Let me explain... I can go through months and months on end of not shopping, and basically, not feeling any need or desire to (weird for a girl, I know), but then WHAMMO! I have to shop. It doesn't really quite matter what I buy... I just HAVE to shop. So far, I haven't bought much of anything, due in part to not having time to go shopping and well, nothing on the net is looking particularly interesting atm. Well, thinking of our CC bill is also a huge deterrent. Thankfully, there is a hint of sanity left. As for how long it'll last remains to be seen. I somehow suspect that it'll go away as soon as we get a new mattress. This old one is making my back ache. >.<

Stitching.... in 2 words: AIN'T HAPPENING! I'd blame it on Ancient for stealing my vibes.... but it's really due to the fact that I hate, hate, HATE stitching with 2 strands. I'm not enjoying the big Xs that the 14ct is generating either. I miss the small itty bitty Xs of 25ct horrendously. SIGH. I need to get to it though, cos Mates is going to be really pretty when it's done... I know it in my bones. BTW... that whole Mind Over Matter crap doesn't work.

I won't even start about how anti-social I've been of late.

Which brings me to tying this blog in with my title. I was wondering when full moon was, and thought that I might be able to give a reason to all this insanity. It's tonight. ^.~ So does that mean that it'll reach its culmination tonight OR that it'll go away after tonight? I doubt either one will happen.

Maybe , I just need to work out. That's supposed to give you energy. I wonder if roping Garfield into doing it for me would defeat the purpose.


Milady Insanity said…
A, we gotta work on her ASAP!

It's not fair that the 2 of us have to suffer at the gym and she doesn't!
Auds said…
Got that right! I even made it to Yoooooga yesterday! :) Trying to think of a way to MAKE her but it's hard when we live a kazillion miles away :)
J said…
ROFLMAO! You can plan and you can try... but it's not happening. I don't even run in the rain. ^.~

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