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MATES IS FINISHED! ^.^ *mentally runs around the office in celebration* I finished it at 1:30 this morning with a huge sigh of satisfaction. I was antsy as hell counting the final few stitches... and to see the whole thing finally fall into place is so exhilirating. ^.^ So, of course, I had to bring it in to the office to have it oohed and aahed over, and I wasn't disappointed at all. *grin* Now, I just have to wait for a frame sale, although I might pop into a frame shop after work today just to, you know, check out my options. Mwa-hahaha. Metemorphosis, here I come. WHEEEEEE!!!!

The Frog Prince

Mwa-hahahahahaha. Courtesy of Heather via DH. The Frog Prince This is the fairy tale that should have been read to us as little girls: Once upon a time, in a land far away, a beautiful, independent, self-assured princess happened upon a frog as she sat, contemplating ecological issues on the shores of an unpolluted pond in a verdant meadow near her castle. The frog hopped into the princess' lap and said: "Elegant Lady, I was once a handsome prince, until an evil witch cast a spell upon me. One kiss from you, however, and I will turn back into the dapper, young prince that I am and then, my sweet, we can marry and set up housekeeping in your castle with my mother, where you can prepare my meals, clean my clothes bear my children, and forever feel grateful and happy doing so. " That night, as the princess dined sumptuously on lightly sauteed frog legs seasoned in a white wine and onion cream sauce, she chuckled and thought to herself: "I don't f *** ing th


We have a florida room that looks out to this beautiful lake, and we get lots of visitors... ducks, herons, ibises, etc and they are always such a pleasure to just sit and watch. Well, yesterday, DH looked out and we have ducklings!!!! SQUEEEE!! The most adorable, fluffy wee little things ever. The way they waddle, with their little tails wiggling are just too cute for words.


My mother-in-law sent me this in an e-mail. I don't think she's trying to tell me anything, but if she is.... EWWWWWWWW! On the other hand, it's super hilarious. Gift of LOVE Are you tired of hearing your spouse say: "We never do anything together." Well, the Kohler Company has a solution:

Way of the Future?

This is jaw-droppingly cool, and at the same time, makes me wonder if we have a Terminator or Matrix in the hopefully not-so-near future.