We have a florida room that looks out to this beautiful lake, and we get lots of visitors... ducks, herons, ibises, etc and they are always such a pleasure to just sit and watch.

Well, yesterday, DH looked out and we have ducklings!!!! SQUEEEE!! The most adorable, fluffy wee little things ever. The way they waddle, with their little tails wiggling are just too cute for words.


Auds said…
Duckies!? Did I ever tell you why I hate ducklings? My horror story involving ducklings? Why I will cross the street in order not to be near a duckling? No, I haven't? Well....I'm not doing it now LOL.
J said…
Awwwh... sif cute wittle duckies can hurt you.

I won't say what I joke about doing to them when they're not so cute and are more edi.... umm... yeah....


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