A first

I've started gridding my pretty, pretty fabbie from Stab and Stash Phoenix Rising, and discovered that I'm going to be stitching on a 32ct lugana instead of the 28ct as I had originally planned. It's a much smaller count than what I'm accustomed to, (25ct has been my fabric of choice) *gulp* and I hope that my tension will work well on the 32ct. Sean says that the higher the count, the higher the tension, so I'm going to try that out.

I should have the whole piece gridded by this weekend, and I'll post a pic then. The circle around her head is going to be centered perfectly on the yellow splash part and I think the gradient of the yellow, to orange, to red on the bottom half of the fabric is going to blend in superbly with the oranges of her "skirt".

Unless I get into a Meta stitch-craze, which hasn't happened all week. I think she's started to feel neglected. She's calling to me sadly asking about her arm. I'm awfully tempted to email my PR SAL buddies and ask if they'd be interested in starting this project now. LOL! Silly me, as if I have to ask!! But I should give my girl another 2 weeks and at least finish her arm and torso.

That said, I'm off to grid more before bed.


HAED Sexy Fairy said…
Very tempting, but my fabby and floss are still on the way.. so... NOPE **grin**

J said…
*giggle* Then we shall endeavor and be strong. Just 2 more weekends to go... we can do it!

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