A Journey's End

Grandma passed away at 10:10 EST September 20th. She was in a coma, and just slipped away. Mom said that her brain was shutting down because her lungs were giving out and she had difficulty breathing. I'm glad they didn't put her on machines upon machines just to keep her alive.

I know she's in a much better place now. She's left behind the aches and pains of her life battle-wearied body and is now basking in the glory of God and heaven and all her loved ones and friends who's gone before her.

On my end, I am much more at peace today than I was yesterday. I said my goodbyes, and I am exceedingly thankful for the peace of mind and heart that God has given me in dealing with this heartbreak. I was telling my colleagues today about the incident with the cleaver, and it felt good to be able to look back at those times with grandma with joy and gratefulness.

We saw a double rainbow on the way home from work yesterday. It had been raining all afternoon, and then there was this glorious double rainbow there for the whole world to see. The inner one was so strong and vibrant, and bright and beautiful, whilst the outer one was this half-circle of soft, pale colors. I see it as a sign of God showing me the preparation for the celebration that's going to take place when Granny finally made her way home into His arms.


Anonymous said…
I am keeping you and your family in prayer. You will certainly see her again as I will see my Grams too. Know that you are loved and cared for.
J said…
Thank you so much, Michelle. *hugs*

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