I've been in kinda a stitching funk lately. Goodness knows I think about it and browse the forums on HAED often enough. I sit there and STARE at my girl, envisioning what she'd look like when she's done, but can't get up the enthusiasm to stitch more than a handful of stitches at a time. Sigh. For the most updated pictures, my girl can be found here or here.

Sonya, Sean, and I are getting ready to start a SAL on Phoenix Rising by Linda Ravenscroft and HAED in October and I was so hoping to get much more on my girl done before then. Well, we're planning on a weekend SAL, so maybe that'll help my nightly stitching time on my girl.

On an upbeat, I bought the prettiest fabbie for Phoenis Rising from Tammy. She calls it Fire Burst and dyed it to the dimensions I gave her and this is a layover of what I hope the finished product will look like.


HappyStitcher said…
Hi Joyce - your Meta is looking wonderful. I know you are excited about Phoenix Rising - it is going to be fantastic, especially with the fabric. Keep plugging along on Meta she needs a body to go with the head of hair....Wanda
J said…
Hehehe, Wanda. Thanks for the encouragement. You're the sweetest!!! *hugs*

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