A New Finish

Yipppeeee!!! Finished this a few days ago, but didn't get a chance to blog it till now. This is the chinese character for "Fortune". It's a free chart that I downloaded ages ago (can't remember where from) and stitched on Stab and Stash's yummy, yummy Blueberry Sugar (don't you just love the opalescents and blues in the fabbie? <3 <3 <3 ) with hand-dyed floss from Six Strand Sweets, which A sent me awhile ago. Thanks A. ^.^

My cousin, whose mom this piece is a present for, reminded me that the chinese hang this symbol upside down, so that fortune 'returns' to the owner instead of being sent out to other people. So, upside down it goes... cos yanno, would really, really love to win that lotto. ^.~


Anonymous said…
That is so lovely! The fabric looks so pretty!
HAED Sexy Fairy said…
So, I am not the only one who runs to the post office every month to buy a lottery ticket..chinese..
J said…
LOL, actually DH and the cousin are the ones that buy the tickets. I'm just in it for the winnings. ;)

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