We are now a quartet. WHEEEE!!!! Novia has joined our weekend stitchalong of Phoenix Rising, and she's going to be stitching the whole she-bang!!! It's going to be so awesome seeing the background stitched. ^.^

I've added some new links to the sidebar but on last check, blogger hasn't updated them. *huge sigh* Hopefully they'll pop them in soon.

I haven't stitched my girl in a couple of days now. I really do need to get back to her, but tonight, my mind is set on looking for a design to stitch onto this beautiful opalescent blue fabric that Tammy sent to Sean as a test fabric, which he very generously shared with me. I have these hand-dyed flossies from A that I would sooooo love to sink my claws into. :D I kinda think that Six Strand Sweets' Midnight Treat would really pop on the fabbie.

Where are the triplets when I need them? I can't even hog the brain cos Baby has a test today. Ah well, dibs on the brain for me tomorrow. ^.~


Milady Insanity said…
No, you may not have the brain because I need it to write. PFFFFFT!
J said…
Too bad, I called dibs on it first. That's what you get for being the Baby... you get hand-me-downs!

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