The Birth of A New Blog

4 Stitching Bandits saw the light of day today.

Finding a template was an adventure in it of itself. Of course, that's my story. If you asked Novia or EK, they'd tell you I was the anal one who didn't like the white font of the template they had picked out. But I tell ya.... they LIE!!!! *angelface*

So far, we are 4 (but any future 'banditos' are definitely welcomed):
1. Eekoon (the devil... so she calls herself)
2. Novia (the fairy)
3. Sean (the queen)
4. Joyce aka me (the angel)

Although, Sean and Novia might have an all out fight for the 'fairy' title (Novia doesn't know this yet). Stay tuned for the latest on the upcoming saga!

It's going to be a place for us to kick back, relax, and post our WIPs, especially the ones for the 5 Project Challenge (ie. No new charts till these 5 BAPs are finished. *hits head against wall* What was I thinking agreeing to this? Oh riiiiight... I wasn't!!) And in Sean's case, some spanking might be involved if he doesn't start blogging! Mwa-hahahahaha!!

Hope to see you there. ^.^


Anonymous said…
Wow!!! Sounds interesting!

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