Life's Roses

I've been thinking a lot lately about friends that God has blessed and gifted me with. They are warm, generous, giving people who have become a very big part of my life, and who will leave a very big hole if they weren't here.

Is it a sign of the times that some of my closest friends are people whom I've met online? Yup, probably. It's much easier to hop online, find something you're interested in, and then if you happen to meet people with the same interests, great! If you don't, no big deal.

Is that how we're existing as a society of today where everything leans towards instant gratifications? That sounds like it's a bad thing, and it's been used in negative ways. On my end, nothing pleases me better than being able to send out an e-card that will get to its recipient instantly, or to shop online in my PJs, or to shoot off an email when I have a few minutes to spare.

And is it sad that I've never met most of them face to face? Yes and no.

Yes, it's sad, because I'd love to be able to call them up and arrange to go out for lunch or just to steal a few hours away to kick back and relax. But with how hectic all our lives are, stealing these moments are easier said than done. So, we get together online... to chat, email, or send little notes... how great is that? To be able to send something, anything, the moment you're thinking about it, and convey all your thoughts and have an almost immediate response. (Instant gratification, I know.

I 'talk' more often to them than I friends whom I've met the conventional way. They're the ones I email or 'chat to' first when something happens, and I know they would drop almost everything just to 'sit' with me for awhile. I feel closer to them in so many ways. Is it because we started out with having things in common? Or that online, people are generally more real since they don't feel that they need to put up a front, and so we became friends built on honesty? I suspect a little of both.

No, it's not sad, because I have the joy and anticipation of one day meeting them face to face. They're all over the globe, and talking about or planning for a visit will be so much fun.

Sean, Tammy, Audrey, May, Novia, EK, Maria, Wanda, Alex... I consider you some of God's greatest treasures to me. And I am a better person because you are in my life.


Anonymous said…
Most of my friends are online ones. I am not good with face to face meetings. I get very nervous. Here I am free to be myself. God has brought some awesome people into my life. A lot of them are differently-abled like me. We support one another. huggers!!!!!
HappyStitcher said…
I's easier to feel close to friends online (with whom you share at least one interest) in a short timeframe. I think it's because there are no preconceived visual announcements - you truly are only 'seeing' someones good intentions.

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