I discovered mailart today. Apparently, there is this community of generous stitcher that actually STITCH the envelopes of mail and send them around the world!! Here are some of Bonnie's beautiful stitching pieces that she's sent out. Isn't that just amazing??

The ladies at the BB are going to start another one up in the New Year and have asked me to join. Oh, I'm tempted, I am. But where would I find the time? Where do we find the patterns? How long do we have to stitch? So many questions. Where will I find the time? (I know I've said that already... but so little time, so much I want to do)


manekineko said…
Hi There

Now that you know about mailart, maybe you would be interested in joining in my project?

It's the Small Art Project at

HAED Sexy Fairy said…
The answer is Nike... Just do it!

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