Oh Boy....

I find myself in the position of having agreed to this hare-brained idea that Novia found on a BB as a way of reducing stash. It came in the form of an email a few days ago from her to EeKoon, Sean, and I, which basically said "this is what we're doing." LOL!

The rules are pretty simple, come November, we can't buy any new charts until we've finished 5 BAPs (big ass projects), and we have to list the 5 projects. Thankfully, there are exemptions *giggle*, and Christmas gifts to ourselves are an exemption. Well, at least I think so. ;)

Of course, stash is relative... like I tried to convince Novia, my stash is peanuts compared to theirs. Cos really, I don't even have 10 HAED charts to show for, and just a handful of kits.... But did she go for it? Nope. She's a toughie, that girl. So, we have a month to stock up on the charts we would possibly want for the next few years, cos realistically, that's how long it'll take us to finish those 5 projects.

Here are my 5:
1. Metamorphosis (HAED and Wolk)
2. Phoenix Rising (HAED and Ravenscroft)
3. At First Sight OR Lilie (HAED and Tso)
4. Floral Retreat (Dimensions Gold) - This I still have to buy to stitch for my mom
5. TBD

My exemptions:
1. Taj Mahal (Chatelaine Designs) - Next year's project with A
2. David's stuff - stay tuned for updates on this
3. Any Christmas or birthday gifts for friends

Oh yes, floss, fabbies, and other stitchery stuff are allowed. Thank goodness for small mercies. ^.~


Anonymous said…
Oh boy! i would be in trouble! I love charts!
HAED Sexy Fairy said…
Why are you playing victim here? I am protecting your cc and bank account!! So I am a bank guardian angel LOL.

You know what?? Since RAK's and gifts are also exemptions, someone is already showered with Mirabilia's patterns by dahling boyfriend. Any hints to DH? or DH just plays stupid ha ha ha
J said…
Tell me about it Michelle!!!

Man, DH is of the "good, it's about time you can't buy charts" mind-set. Meh, I'll just use his cc when I want something... that or make puppy dog's eyes. Always works. ;)

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