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About a month ago Ai Lin got herself supremely addicted to beading and jewelry making, and she's made some gorgeous items. One of my favorites being: Last Sunday, I finally succumbed and went with her to the bead store and these were what I made: An earring and bracelet set for Mei... the bracelet is still in the works, so here's a picture of the earrings, which are made from swarovski crystals. A necklace and bracelet set for Peggy made out of czech glass beads and hmm... I can't remember the name of the yellow stone. So far, I'm not terribly addicted to the whole beading thing, at least not in the scale of how I love stitching; and for my sanity and pocket book, I hope that it never gets to that... although, we just bought a butt-load of swarovski's crystal online tonight and have been planning the next few projects. :S

Stitching Updates

Haven't touched either one of my girls in quite a while now. Initially thought that i might be getting back to them after I finished Tiger Reflection... but A and I are planning on starting on a couple of patterns that we got from European Cross-Stitch . I'll be stitching Vis-a-vis for her, and she'll be stitching Nappe for me. The fabbie and floss color will be a surprise, and the original plan was to get it done by Christmas. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We can be such dreamers. Tiger Reflection: 2 over 1 on 18ct aida. I think I'm on track on finishing this in another week or so. I've discovered that I don't hate stitching on black fabbie so much if I'm sitting right under my fluorescent light. So, A and I are planning more black fabbie stitch-a-longs. Operative word here being 'planning.' ;) "Fu" (fortume) framed for Frank's Christmas gift. Yup, it's upside-down on purpose, cos the chinese believe that hanging it this way w

Two Weeks in a Nutshell

No, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, much to lots of groans and disappointments, I'm sure. Hehehehe. Life has been super hectic, and to top that off, I was sick for a few days, which quite pissed me off since I haven't been sick in years. So, let's backtrack.... Went to see Casino Royale on its opening day, and what a kick-ass Bond Daniel Craig turned out to be. This was one of those very rare occasions where I literally ate my words, cos I was horrified when I first learnt that he was going to be the new Bond. Although, I have to say, there were many a time when they showed a close-up of him where I wished he was prettier. ;) That said, what a bod!!!!! *hubba-hubba* Movie wise, I thought the plot was really good, and quite well written, albeit, it ran a tad long for me. Have to say though, it set up the future films really well in terms of Bond's character and outlook of love and relationships. Definitely a must-watch, if you haven't already

Fate or Destiny?

I love coffee, definitely Starbucks, and hands down their Café Mocha. Usually decaf and always without whip cream. I have a friend at work, sweet Allie, who knows this and always offers to get me my cuppa Joe’s during her lunch break. Occasionally, I take her up on her offer, and today was one such day. Because I was craving it, I had her get me a grande… and with caffeine no less. During lunch, one of my other co-workers, Anna, came into the lunch room and asked me if I’ve seen Allie yet. When I said no, she told me that my coffee had exploded all over Allie! EGADS!!!! So the poor girl was in the bathroom trying to wash out her WHITE top. Fortunately, Anna had some clean clothes in her car and offered them to Allie. I felt so bad…. (the feeling has long since past, btw. I can be an angel for only so long. ;) I’ve been teasing her mercilessly about it.) The next time I saw Allie, she had this cute bright-ish green top on…. Now, to the title of the blog: fate 1. something that unav

Tiger Reflection Pt. 1

Here we are... the official first WIP of Tiger Reflection. I managed to work about an hour on it today at the studio cos a couple students canceled. The colors are a little off since I used my cell phone to take the pic and it looks more like a map than the face of a tiger. Blah! We're planning a Black Fabbie SAL over at the Coven. It initially started as Nikki suggesting that we should do a SAL since we both hated stitching on black and maybe this will help us finish our projects. But it's now a full-blown SAL with new projects in the works and new fabbies and charts being purchased. I'm not sure yet how we're going to set about doing this, but I'm so tempted with all these pretty designs being worked on, that I'm thinking of starting one of the charts A bought us... on BLACK fabbie!!! Talk about insane..... :S

Back in the Saddle

After quite a few days, I've picked up my stitching again and worked on a somewhat obligatory piece/UFO tonight. The project in question is Dimension Gold Petite's "Tiger Reflection". I fell in love with this design the minute I saw it at the store many years back and had to have it. So, into the cart it went. Alas, I neglected to look at the color of the fabbie provided, black 18ct aida in this case. Cut to about 8 months ago, I decided to stitch this for a friend, and discovered that I hated stitching on black fabbie with a passion after only all of 30 stitches. And that was pretty much the end of it. I toyed with the idea of using a cream fabbie and stitching in all the black.... but nixed that idea in half a second flat. Oh, did I mention that I hate stitching with black thread too? ;) Well, I've decided to *try* and finish it for a Christmas gift, and to help prod me along, I've posted (in one of my forums) that finishing this piece will be part of my

Can You Say Kyuuute?!

Look what I found linking from PinkyBlinkies !!!! I went on to browse for blinkies, my new obsession apparently, and clickie finger made new, wonderful discoveries. Dollz Bliss is like this slice of girlie heaven with all the gorgeous, sweet, and pretty girlie stuff. So, instead of stitching, I've been revisiting my childhood and making dollz and having way too much fun. This is just a drop in the bucket off all the goodies you can find here. From there, I found PixelBee . I'm on a graphic overload cos there is so much to look through. I'm like a kid in a candy store, running around.... well, clicking around like a chicken with it's head chopped off, undecided about where to look and what to experience. I could be wrong, but I think Novi is going to have a blast with these and more. And ooooh, the possibilies of sending A all the pink stuff I can make. She'll be plagued with pink nightmares till kingdom come. Mwa-hahahahaha! Of course, there are links upon

A Facelift

I'm finally done redesigning my template from an original Blogger Template . It's been an on and off project over the last few weeks, and I think that I'm finally happy with the color combinations and layout. Of course, part of the fun was playing around in Photoshop and going on blinkies overload. *giggle* I need to work on few more minor details and adjustments in the coming weeks, and that should do it for this template. A point of note, this layout doesn't work in IE. I looked over the codes a little, but IE is all screwy and I couldn't be bothered spending the time to figure out why. It works perfectly in Firefox and Safari and that's good enough for me. Coincidentally, if you haven't tried Firefox, give it a shot, and enjoy the net again with a superior browser.

A Little Late...

For the first time ever since I moved to the US, we dressed up for Halloween, no thanks to Andi, our friend at work. She's a wonderful, wonderful person (even when she was nagging me to dress up *giggle*). So, I succumbed, on the day before Halloween no less, and went to Target after work to get me an outfit. Found me a t-shirt with flower patches and some bottoms that matched it perfectly, and slippers. Oh yes... had to get some pink hair bands too. It's all about matching, after all. ^.^ It's not quite in the spirit of Halloween, but hey at least I dressed up, or down, in this case. I must say, it was a super comfortable work day, dressed in my PJs, with Wonton along for good measure. It turned out to be a picture kinda day of course.... OH, and Peggy and I matched!!! Great minds and all that. :D We threw together DH's costume of a safari guide on the morning of, complete with binoculars and Docs. Here he is with Mary Sue. And just look at Andi!! I


We got ourselves a couple of new phones a few days ago. Did you know that you can get really good deals on cell phones through Amazon ? I'm in no way advertising for them, but if you're shopping for a new cell phone, it might be worth your while to check them out. The catch is that you have to start a new activation, which would be impossible if you're already on a certain carrier. I have a friend who alternates between his name and his dad's name whenever he wants to switch to a new cell phone so that he can get good deals. Smart person. In our case, since DH has resisted having a cell phone till now, we started a new account under his name. Get this... brand new RAZR for $70 back after rebates, and a second phone for just 1 cent. The phone I got is the Samsung T629, which I discovered today has all these awesome photo taking features like choosing a border for your display pic and changing the effect of your picture!! Whooot!! I was happy as a piggy in mud!! :D T