Back in the Saddle

After quite a few days, I've picked up my stitching again and worked on a somewhat obligatory piece/UFO tonight. The project in question is Dimension Gold Petite's "Tiger Reflection".

I fell in love with this design the minute I saw it at the store many years back and had to have it. So, into the cart it went. Alas, I neglected to look at the color of the fabbie provided, black 18ct aida in this case.

Cut to about 8 months ago, I decided to stitch this for a friend, and discovered that I hated stitching on black fabbie with a passion after only all of 30 stitches. And that was pretty much the end of it. I toyed with the idea of using a cream fabbie and stitching in all the black.... but nixed that idea in half a second flat. Oh, did I mention that I hate stitching with black thread too? ;)

Well, I've decided to *try* and finish it for a Christmas gift, and to help prod me along, I've posted (in one of my forums) that finishing this piece will be part of my November stitchy goals. *thumps head* What the heck was I thinking? At the rate I'm going, I'll finish this for Christmas NEXT year, which just won't do.

Still love the picture, still HATE stitching on black. I'm hoping that if I keep at it, I'll get into a groove, and finish this in no time at all. Hope does, after all, spring eternal.


Anonymous said…
Stitching on black can be a challenge! You need plenty of light! Something white under it helps to find the holes. Best of luck!
Anonymous said…
Ugh! I know exactly how you feel, Joyce. I have 3 of Mirabilia's fairies stitched on black aida...none of which are finished...none of which will ever be finished (I'm sure!)...I don't know what possessed me to stitch them on that fabby! In my defense, it was 6 years ago, right when I started learning the tricks and tips of cross-stitching...why didn't anyone tell me?....LOL

Hope you get through it! Maybe, just maybe I'll look into picking one of mine back up just so that you're not going through this torture all alone :)

Hugs and Happy Stitching, Nikki
J said…
I'm sitting right under a fluorescent light and our couch is cream, so that part of it works. But that black!!!! Grrrrr.

Oooh, Nikki.... you should. We could SAL a project on fabbie and get each other through this very traumatic time. *giggle*
Kip said…
I'm well in for a black fabbie sal - will stick a pic up of the piece i'm thinking of doing on black over on the board and see what people think, if not its Adia, she was born to go on black i'm sure!!
J said…
Yays! Kim. The more the merrier. :D

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