Can You Say Kyuuute?!

.: Get one @ :. Look what I found linking from PinkyBlinkies!!!! I went on to browse for blinkies, my new obsession apparently, and clickie finger made new, wonderful discoveries.

Dollz Bliss is like this slice of girlie heaven with all the gorgeous, sweet, and pretty girlie stuff. So, instead of stitching, I've been revisiting my childhood and making dollz and having way too much fun. This is just a drop in the bucket off all the goodies you can find here.

.: Get one @ :. From there, I found PixelBee. I'm on a graphic overload cos there is so much to look through. I'm like a kid in a candy store, running around.... well, clicking around like a chicken with it's head chopped off, undecided about where to look and what to experience.

I could be wrong, but I think Novi is going to have a blast with these and more. And ooooh, the possibilies of sending A all the pink stuff I can make. She'll be plagued with pink nightmares till kingdom come. Mwa-hahahahaha!

Of course, there are links upon links upon links from these wonderful sites, so I will leave the joy of discovery to you.


Anonymous said…
Those are really cue blinkies Joyce, no wonder why you are on a stitching slump. Some1 needs to take the computer away from you *giggle*. Have a great day. >huggles<
Anonymous said…
Oh I LOVE blinkies and such myself! Now look what you have done! i WILL have to check it out too! LOL!
J said…
LOL! Michelle, anything I can do to help a new addition along. :D

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