A Facelift

I'm finally done redesigning my template from an original Blogger Template. It's been an on and off project over the last few weeks, and I think that I'm finally happy with the color combinations and layout. Of course, part of the fun was playing around in Photoshop and going on blinkies overload. *giggle*

I need to work on few more minor details and adjustments in the coming weeks, and that should do it for this template.

A point of note, this layout doesn't work in IE. I looked over the codes a little, but IE is all screwy and I couldn't be bothered spending the time to figure out why. It works perfectly in Firefox and Safari and that's good enough for me.

Coincidentally, if you haven't tried Firefox, give it a shot, and enjoy the net again with a superior browser.

Firefox 2


Anonymous said…
Joyce, I like your designs and stuff...

Please have a baby already, so that you don't get all this free time to do this things? It makes me jealous! LOL joke!!

Very pretty!!

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