About a month ago Ai Lin got herself supremely addicted to beading and jewelry making, and she's made some gorgeous items. One of my favorites being:

Last Sunday, I finally succumbed and went with her to the bead store and these were what I made:
An earring and bracelet set for Mei... the bracelet is still in the works, so here's a picture of the earrings, which are made from swarovski crystals.

A necklace and bracelet set for Peggy made out of czech glass beads and hmm... I can't remember the name of the yellow stone.

So far, I'm not terribly addicted to the whole beading thing, at least not in the scale of how I love stitching; and for my sanity and pocket book, I hope that it never gets to that... although, we just bought a butt-load of swarovski's crystal online tonight and have been planning the next few projects. :S


Anonymous said…
Joyce those jewelries are so pretty!
I got addicted on them too a couple of years back, I have made alot of them, I do have some of my materials here, but I love the swarovskis which is not easy to find here where i live. My mom sold the ones I made before i came to the US. And i have given alot of mine to SIL, I just don't have the time to switch jewelries now since having my son. =D Great job!!
Kip said…
They are all lovely you clever thing!
J said…
Noreen, my cousin found this seller on ebay that's selling swarovskies for 7 cents a piece for the 4mm bicones. So, if you ever get back into jewelry and want some, that's a good place to look. ^.^

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