A Little Late...

For the first time ever since I moved to the US, we dressed up for Halloween, no thanks to Andi, our friend at work. She's a wonderful, wonderful person (even when she was nagging me to dress up *giggle*). So, I succumbed, on the day before Halloween no less, and went to Target after work to get me an outfit. Found me a t-shirt with flower patches and some bottoms that matched it perfectly, and slippers. Oh yes... had to get some pink hair bands too. It's all about matching, after all. ^.^ It's not quite in the spirit of Halloween, but hey at least I dressed up, or down, in this case.

I must say, it was a super comfortable work day, dressed in my PJs, with Wonton along for good measure. It turned out to be a picture kinda day of course.... OH, and Peggy and I matched!!! Great minds and all that. :D

We threw together DH's costume of a safari guide on the morning of, complete with binoculars and Docs. Here he is with Mary Sue.

And just look at Andi!! I about died when I saw her clown costume, then I found out she made it herself... *jaw drops, speechlessness ensued* Which if you know me, is quite the impossible task. ;)


Anonymous said…
looks like a fun day Joyce! Atleast you had a costume, and very comfy at that!! My costume on this day was very unique..normal clothing! hehehe

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