We got ourselves a couple of new phones a few days ago. Did you know that you can get really good deals on cell phones through Amazon? I'm in no way advertising for them, but if you're shopping for a new cell phone, it might be worth your while to check them out. The catch is that you have to start a new activation, which would be impossible if you're already on a certain carrier.

I have a friend who alternates between his name and his dad's name whenever he wants to switch to a new cell phone so that he can get good deals. Smart person.

In our case, since DH has resisted having a cell phone till now, we started a new account under his name. Get this... brand new RAZR for $70 back after rebates, and a second phone for just 1 cent.

The phone I got is the Samsung T629, which I discovered today has all these awesome photo taking features like choosing a border for your display pic and changing the effect of your picture!! Whooot!! I was happy as a piggy in mud!! :D

There's a small setback in this whole exciting event... it took quite a few calls to sort out porting my number over. The customer service people were awesome though, a more friendly, courteous, and helpful bunch I've never met. But at this moment in time, I can make calls but can't receive calls... apparently something happened to their systems in regards to new accounts and ported numbers ie it's busted. >.<


Anonymous said…
Nice phone Joyce! I was crazy about cellphones until i got here in the U.S. since my phonepal is only but hubby. =D

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