Stitching Updates

Haven't touched either one of my girls in quite a while now. Initially thought that i might be getting back to them after I finished Tiger Reflection... but A and I are planning on starting on a couple of patterns that we got from European Cross-Stitch. I'll be stitching Vis-a-vis for her, and she'll be stitching Nappe for me. The fabbie and floss color will be a surprise, and the original plan was to get it done by Christmas. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We can be such dreamers.

Tiger Reflection: 2 over 1 on 18ct aida. I think I'm on track on finishing this in another week or so. I've discovered that I don't hate stitching on black fabbie so much if I'm sitting right under my fluorescent light. So, A and I are planning more black fabbie stitch-a-longs. Operative word here being 'planning.' ;)

"Fu" (fortume) framed for Frank's Christmas gift. Yup, it's upside-down on purpose, cos the chinese believe that hanging it this way will send the fortune back to you instead of out to others.


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