Tiger Reflection Pt. 1

Here we are... the official first WIP of Tiger Reflection. I managed to work about an hour on it today at the studio cos a couple students canceled. The colors are a little off since I used my cell phone to take the pic and it looks more like a map than the face of a tiger. Blah!

We're planning a Black Fabbie SAL over at the Coven. It initially started as Nikki suggesting that we should do a SAL since we both hated stitching on black and maybe this will help us finish our projects. But it's now a full-blown SAL with new projects in the works and new fabbies and charts being purchased.

I'm not sure yet how we're going to set about doing this, but I'm so tempted with all these pretty designs being worked on, that I'm thinking of starting one of the charts A bought us... on BLACK fabbie!!! Talk about insane..... :S


Anonymous said…
Gettin' a head start on us, huh J? LOL Pretty lil "map" you have going there. I must admit I'm waiting to the very last second to pick up one of my "black fabby" pieces...Not starting until the SAL is all figured out...lol...
Did I hear you right?!? You're thinking of starting another piece on black fabby?!? Yup...it's official...you're crazy! LOL
J said…
Oh, you have no idea, Nikki... and the chat tonight hasn't helped one tiny bit. Hehehe.
Anonymous said…
You can do it! I have faith in you!
Anonymous said…
Great start Joyce! Can't wait to see more. =D

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