Two Weeks in a Nutshell

No, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, much to lots of groans and disappointments, I'm sure. Hehehehe. Life has been super hectic, and to top that off, I was sick for a few days, which quite pissed me off since I haven't been sick in years.

So, let's backtrack....

Went to see Casino Royale on its opening day, and what a kick-ass Bond Daniel Craig turned out to be. This was one of those very rare occasions where I literally ate my words, cos I was horrified when I first learnt that he was going to be the new Bond. Although, I have to say, there were many a time when they showed a close-up of him where I wished he was prettier. ;) That said, what a bod!!!!! *hubba-hubba* Movie wise, I thought the plot was really good, and quite well written, albeit, it ran a tad long for me. Have to say though, it set up the future films really well in terms of Bond's character and outlook of love and relationships. Definitely a must-watch, if you haven't already, from this girl's point of view.

Oooooh, we got us a Wii!!!! Ian got us one from Wal-Mart on release day and it was finally shipped and arrived on Monday. It's the coolest thing ever, and the wii-mote is to die for. I can now play driving games and actually be going in the right direction instead of backwards!! LOL. So I've been playing that quite a bit at nights, which needless to say, means almost no stitchy time.

On the crafts' end of things, did some beading over the weekend with Ai Lin. Made some jewelry for Christmas for my sis-in-law and Peggy. Have more in the works for my MIL. Ooooh, also finished Sean's and my project for Christmas gifts for our Christmas card exchange on our forum.... but I can't post any piccies. ^.^

That about hightlights the last couple of weeks for now.


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